The association Clinik’Art aims to use its resources to help promote culture and art with a view to the social, economic and personal development of people in Togo and Africa more widely.
The project Théâtre Chez Vous (Theatre at Home - TCV) was created to enable artists to continue working through the COVID period while reducing the risks of spreading the virus. The aim of this edition is to broadcast five shows in the five regions of Togo, with at least 15 broadcasts per region. The project also aims to strengthen the capacities of theatre companies in each region and create a national network to make theatre and the arts accessible to people from all levels of society.

The association SIKOTA aims to showcase African art and culture through dance, by promoting the practice of contemporary dance and the visual arts, along with intangible cultural heritage, and by fighting for the professionalisation of artists. It also contributes to the social integration of artists, economic development and the promotion of entrepreneurship and the cultural industries in Africa.
The project consists of selecting 10 semi-professional young women to take part in a training, research and creation residency, followed by a broadcast of the performance created in schools, cultural centres and government, non-government and foreign institutions. A business model will be implemented in order to make the resulting show profitable.

La Fabrik is a project that aims to sponsor different art forms and professionalise the arts sector, particularly stage arts, by supporting creation, production and dissemination. The goal is to integrate artistic practices, particularly theatre, into daily life to make them accessible to everyone, to showcase heritage and to encourage emancipation and fulfilment.
The “Fabrique de fictions” (Fiction Factory) seeks to combine theatre with urban heritage in the suburbs of Lomé. The project also aims to decentralise cultural activity by holding writing workshops and arts events and showing theatre performances in the suburbs to make art more accessible and reach isolated audiences.

“If you can’t go to the cinema, the cinema will come to you” – this is the raison d’être of the ATCNA (Association Togolaise du Cinéma Numérique Ambulant or Togolese Association of Travelling Digital Cinema). This association was founded in 2013 with a triple objective: to provide training in cinema professions to Togolese people living far from the capital, to produce awareness-raising films and to give the most isolated populations access to film screenings.

The project enables 20 Togolese participants, selected mainly from regions without access to quality training in cinema professions, to take part in a workshop to create short films lasting 15 to 30 minutes. These films will then be taken on a national tour of 30 screenings organised in the country’s most isolated rural areas, as well as in schools. At the end of the tour, they will also be broadcast on local Togolese television channels in order to reach a wider audience.

The Association Nord Ouest Cultures was founded in January 2019 and officially recognised in April 2020. Its aim is to work towards developing healthy relationships between populations through strategies that include sharing reliable information on cultures, training leaders and representatives on living together and intercultural dialogue, conducting studies and organising symposia.
The project “WACOM: West African Culture On the Move" consists of setting up and running a virtual space for artistic and cultural information for West Africa, with the creation of three cultural websites in each country (Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana).

Since 1999, Centre Soleil d'Afrique has sought to champion culture as a meeting place and approach cultural diversity as a source of tolerance and a way to bring populations together.
The project aims to make the digital arts an effective vector of cohesion, development and greater community spirit. It trains around ten young artists in the different digital art techniques in order to increase their competitiveness and support them throughout the value chain (creation, production and screening). The project is built over three stages: Training, Creation + Production and screening activities in public squares and at festivals.

The Cinéma Numérique Ambulant (CNA) is a non-profit cultural association that has been screening African films for disadvantaged populations in Burkina Faso since 2007. The screenings take place in villages without any electricity or cultural infrastructure, as well as in schools and orphanages. The aims of the CNA are to promote culture as a vector of sustainable development and to help construct a strong identity through cinema.
The project works to give children and teenagers an introduction to image education by teaching them stop-motion and video animation filming techniques.

The Association AFRICA UNITE is a Burkinabe organisation that works in the fields of academic guidance, professional and cultural training for young people and the organisation of cultural and early learning activities for children.
The project of the Association Africa Unite aims to boost the circus arts sector in the Hauts-Bassins region. It includes four steps: a training session for 10 teachers, art-based action across 3 isolated sites, the production of educational documents and the presentation of group performances at the International Festival of Circus Arts.

The Association Sèna Street Art, also known as ASSART, aims to make art accessible to all by promoting street culture. The association brings together young, committed artists in various artistic fields such as graffiti, visual arts, music, dance, photography, video and digital arts.
The Ecolo Street Art Bénin project is part of the EFFET GRAFF international street art festival and aims to raise awareness and educate children about the Sustainable Development Goals through street art.
Taster and teaching workshops will be organised for children from isolated areas in order to raise their awareness of the key themes of sustainable development and climate change.

Théâtre MAYTON PROMO is an association founded in 2000, dedicated to the production, promotion and dissemination of cultural and literary assets. Its aim is to generate cultural entrepreneurship among young people and support professional cultural stakeholders with their training.
The project “Digital'Art, Pratiqu'Art au Bénin” aims to boost artists’ artistic and managerial knowledge and skills in order to offer quality services and reach populations without regular access to such services.
To do this, a theatre and ballet troupe will be established and will perform in 10 villages of the municipality of Zè. 25 artists will also receive social media training in order to promote their productions.