Train for CCI professions with LAFAAAC

Thanks to the AWA program, train for free in careers in the cultural and creative industries on PC, tablet or mobile.

Access a selection of training courses for players in the cultural and creative sector. Each 1h30 training is made up of three to four 20-minute modules. Each module will include written content, audio, video, expert interviews, case studies, as well as fun and engagement activities. The content of your training courses can be downloaded and accessible without an internet connection.

What training is available?

You will be able to choose from the training courses accessible free of charge on the webapp and on the LAFAAAC mobile application within the following courses:

  • Entrepreneurship in culture in sub-Saharan Africa
  • International Co-production
  • Shoot and edit a video
  • Script writing
  • Make-up for TV and cinema sets
  • Radio careers
  • Advertisement
  • Discover the edition

What is LAFAAAC?

LAFAAAC is a company with a French mission which aims to make training more accessible to hundreds of thousands of professionals and creatives in Africa, and to contribute to the structuring of markets and sectors of the cultural industries – and more broadly of cultural entrepreneurship – on the continent.
We train (neo) professionals in cultural and creative professions, as well as in cultural entrepreneurship by relying on digital tools and innovative educational approaches (digital learning, mainly mobilizing mobile learning, virtual classes, remote coaching, face-to-face training).