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Located in the municipality of Cocody, in Côte d’Ivoire, IvoiRégiE is a cultural enterprise working with women and young people in three key fields: culture, digital and the environment. Its vision is to qualitatively transform human territories through poetry, a vehicle for identity and values that constitutes a means for cultural integration, a tool for enhancement and an instrument of economic and social promotion.

The Popodipo project was created with a view to promoting and developing poetry from sub-Saharan Africa. More than just a project, Popodipo is a state of mind that unites and inspires, focusing on several themes: the economic and social promotion of women, solidarity and mentoring for young people and cultural regional development.

In concrete terms, the project intends to showcase 50 selected sub-Saharan poets on an interactive web platform and mobile application. There is also an entertaining board game that offers a fun way to familiarise the general public with poetry. Poetry recitals, giant portrait and poetry text installations, poetry frescoes on the walls of buildings and poetic stall dressings are among the actions carried out on a daily basis by IvoiRégiE.