Ivory Coast

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Art of storytelling and recital

Project description

Unalterable sources of learning, passed down through word of mouth from parent to child, countless African stories, genuine oral treasures, are threatened with oblivion due to a lack of conservation means. The GRoupe Efrouba pour la Culture (Efrouba Group for Culture, GREC) was born out of this observation, led by a group of writers in Grand-Lahou, Côte d’Ivoire. It is committed to showcasing oral heritage through the promotion of national storytellers.

The aim of the “Faim de contes” (roughly “Hungry for stories”) project is to act quickly in order to compile these wonderful African stories inherited from our ancestors and record them to media for future generations.

6 books have already been published and are available to purchase, and the NGO aims to expand the “Faim de contes” collection with 10 new books of Ivorian stories this year. To maximise the distribution media, the project also includes the audio and audiovisual transcription of the books.