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What is Label Cuisine’s goal? To diversify food habits by allowing people to discover new or reworked recipes, while renewing their enjoyment of reading!

This agency was born out of two observations. First, the Nigerien population is becoming less and less accustomed to reading. Second, Nigeriens eat too much fat, sugar and spice. Drawing on these observations, the agency set itself the aim of contributing to preserving health through a balanced diet, while also promoting local produce.

What better response to this dual issue could there be than a cookbook? In hard or digital format, it is simple and accessible in order to suit all audiences.

“Les assiettes de tubercules” (roughly “Plates of Tubers”), published by Edilivre in 2020, is one of the two publications by Label Cuisine and covers all of the agency’s aims: simplicity (the recipes use few or no modern tools and/or suggest a traditional alternative), accessibility (recipes written in simple French to make them easy for all readers to use) and sharing (knowledge, techniques and the prepared dishes).