Fund type



Fine arts and music

Project description

The association LesChangeurs wants to offer access to culture to the population of Agbodrafo, to develop local talents and to revitalise this village through regular and sustainable actions. The themes addressed are education (with, among others, its toy library), the arts (workshops, exhibitions, etc.), the environment (education in waste sorting, bike or dugout rides, etc.) and sustainability (training, conferences and debates, etc.).

The creative residency project (photography, sculpture, painting, writing, film making) will lead to the organisation of an exhibition/tour in the streets of Agbodrafo. This artistic event will enhance the historical and cultural spaces of this fishing village, which is well known for having been an important place for the slave trade at the time of colonisation. Finally, this project has an educational objective through the participation of villagers in workshops and exchanges with local and foreign artists.