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Performing arts

Project description

The Atelier Nomade houses the École Internationale de Théâtre du Bénin as well as several performance spaces, regular venues for Beninese, Togolese, Burkinabe and Nigerian artists. In addition to the establishment of a permanent, multi-purpose troupe of some twenty talents (directors, actors, dancers, puppeteers, circus artists, etc.), the consolidation and expansion project “Agir ensemble pour grandir ” includes the creation of a museum of the performing arts. By working on the synergy between 9 sub-regional theatres (6 in Benin, 1 in Togo, 1 in Niger and 1 in Burkina Faso) and the networking of their cultural content, the project intends to take advantage of the income and move towards financial autonomy, a key objective for true anchoring and sustainability.

A look at planned productions
– creation of a permanent troupe
– opening 12 small format residences and 2 large format residences
– development of a network of cultural operators from 4 neighbouring countries
– creation of a digital platform and an online ticketing service with payment of tickets by telephone
– regular animation of the three stages of the Atelier Nomade
– creation and monetisation of a performing arts museum

Focus on Atelier Nomade
Atelier Nomade opened its doors in 1992. It is now home to the École Internationale de Théâtre du Bénin, a higher education institution that prepares students for a state diploma. The two pillars of its mission are professional training and artistic creation, which enable the cultural and artistic education of young people and local communities. The theatre school often works on themes that contribute to human development and good citizenship.