Fund type



Performing arts

Project description

Specialised in the field of contemporary dance, the Don Sen Folo association anchors its project in the transmission and dialogue between ancient traditions and contemporary gestures. Its distribution in public spaces increases the visibility of the artists’ work among the public and local authorities, and is also a good way of getting around the difficulties of distribution in traditional infrastructures, the networks for which are often lacking in this region. In order to improve the production of African dancers and choreographers and to promote this art form at national and continental level, “De l’Homme vers l’Homme” will focus on strengthening artistic skills, activating South-South cooperation, and setting up an African network for contemporary dance in public spaces.

A look at planned productions
– Training of 14 young artists in dance and choreography
– Choreographic residencies in public spaces (2 months) involving 32 artists
– Presentation of the artists and their work in the online catalogues of the residencies and on the Numéridanse TV website
– Production, recording and broadcasting of contemporary choreographic works in public spaces
– Production of a “Guide to good practice in contemporary dance in public spaces in Mali”.

Focus on Don Sen Folo
The Don Sen Folo association has been working since 2010 on the issue of access to culture, formerly in the Kalaban Coro district of Bamako and currently in the rural commune of Bancoumana. With the firm belief that Art and Culture can become the economic engines of tomorrow’s society, the association works to make the work of artists known and understood by the population.