Ivory Coast

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Cultural heritage and innovation

Project description

The NGO Les Citoyens du Livre et des Arts du Denguélé is committed to the promotion, enhancement and popularisation of Ivorian culture and heritage. It carries out actions in favour of education and the empowerment of youth, especially young girls, in this north-western region of the country.

The cultural heritage of the Denguélé locality, due to its geographical remoteness, is in a state of oblivion. This is why the “Denguele Misri Ni Kourou” initiative has set itself the goal of highlighting its centuries-old Sudanese-style mosques, whose architectural style dates back to the 14th century. The 3D digitisation of four historical sites will allow their promotion, their conservation in time and space, the creation of jobs (direct and indirect) and the promotion of cultural and creative entrepreneurship.