Ivory Coast

Fund type



Performing arts

Project description

Tales, myths, initiation stories, legends and other oral poetry exist to tell and be told. These oral works convey the language, modes of thought, habits and customs specific to each people. It is with the aim of giving new impetus to this ancient cultural heritage, recognised as “intangible heritage” by UNESCO, that the ELAN project has taken shape. By respecting parity and relying on the solid relationships already established by the Naforo-Ba Company with 8 West African countries, ELAN aims to accompany 16 storytelling artists from the 8 partner countries throughout the production cycle.

Overview of expected productions

– 80 diverse stories collected at a rate of 5 stories per Artist in a perspective of contemporary exploitation
– 5 collections of 16 illustrated stories, produced in the “Ziri Collection” and printed at 5,000 copies each for retail
– contribution of 8 Illustrators (1 per country) to the above mentioned collections
– 3 capacity building workshops for stakeholders in the storytelling sector organised over 3 years (1 per year)
– production of 80 audio tales made available for digital downloading and listening platforms for a fee
– production of 80 brief audio tales or proverbs, to be broadcast on telephones by the mobile network operators in the 8 countries of the action
– participation in the Nuit du Conte en Famille (NCF) organised each year as both a live and a ticketed online event

Focus on the Naforo-Ba company

The Naforo-Ba Company was founded in 2000 in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) with the aim of promoting African oral literature, both ancient and contemporary, and to promote its knowledge and practice. With extensive experience, the association of professionals has been able to forge special links with Burkina Faso, Benin, Niger, Mali, Togo, Guinea and Senegal.