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Creation / Production

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While TIBI is an NGO is committed to training and artistic creations for the benefit of artists with disabilities, it also participates in international cultural events. Education, performing arts and community development are its main areas of intervention.

“Initiation à l’Innovation Culturelle, Linguistique et d’Ecriture chez la jeune fille dans la région Kara” (Initiation to Cultural, Linguistic and Writing Innovation for Young Girls in the Kara Region) aims to safeguard and enhance the endogenous practices of the peoples of Northern Togo through the promotion of young girls. 100 young women under 25 years of age will thus be able to develop their cultural skills (traditional dances, etc.). They will be interested in their mother tongue (its history and values) and will sharpen their critical thinking skills during an essay competition. The resulting document will be broadcast on YouTube, as will the 50 stories told in their mother tongue and translated into French and English.