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Performing arts

Project description

The Malian cultural industry offers a plethora of stakeholders but is cruelly lacking in scriptwriters, costume designers and other entertainment professionals without whom works cannot exist. In response to this shortage, “La NEUF” (Nouvelle École Usine et de Formation) offers a system of training, both face-to-face and at a distance, including workshops, masterclasses and internships for dialogue with professionals. This proposal for training in the performing arts will ultimately lead to the creation of new shows to be presented during a tour of 8 cities, already established by the association. Acte SEPT also intends to involve communities in order to establish a sustainable and culturally endogenous funding mechanism, a factor in sustainable development.

A look at planned productions
– Creation of a digital platform for training
– Establishment of 16 workshops on the performing arts professions

– Creation of 8 plays

– Distribution of the 8 plays in the 8 cities of the Sirabo network
– Creation of a partner network

– Organisation of a festival

Focus on Acte SEPT
According to Acte SEPT, the project leader, “everyone must be able to participate in the cultural life of their choice and exercise their own cultural practices within the limits imposed by respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. ” Driven by this vision, the association has been working in Bamako since 1994 and has been moving to the rhythm of its Festival du Théâtre des Réalités since 1996.