Cape Verde

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Performing arts

Project description

Highly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Cape Verdean cultural industry, and even more so its independent music industry, is in danger of disappearing. To save this popular heritage, Maremusica proposes to revive traditional music in Cape Verde by relocating the entire production chain to the archipelago. From identifying new talent to the creation of labels, including the opening of recording studios and the organisation of tours, this project involves the creation of around a hundred jobs (musicians, technicians, communication, digital, etc.) and guarantees the safeguarding and revival of the popular treasure that is Cape Verdean music.

A look at planned productions
– Production of 3 albums: an established artist in the Cape Verdean musical tradition; and two young talents, male and female
– Production of a major work of traditional Cape Verdean music (Mornas) with the Symphony Orchestra of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, from Portugal
– Creation of digital platforms and uploading and monetising online content
– Creating jobs in the sector and ensuring income for artists and their families
– Attracting new investors

Focus on Maremusica, Produção, edição e distribuição musical
Founded in 2016 by musician and writer Mario Lucio, former Cape Verdean Minister of Culture, Maremusica’s main objective is the creative and financial independence of Cape Verdean artists, the protection of traditional music and the discovery of new talent.