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Project description

Based on the unique concept of a tri-polar structural device (e-training, e-support and e-financing platforms), the PAPRICAI+ project aims to strengthen the pedagogical and operational capacities of the PAPRICAI incubator. Through a revitalisation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and an improvement of the institutional framework of the creative and digital sector in Togo, this project will contribute to the improvement of creativity, professionalisation and competitiveness of artists and creators operating in the digital environment. This ambitious project will ultimately benefit project leaders, entrepreneurial support structures and innovative companies and startups in the cultural and creative sector.

A look at planned productions
– strengthening the structural capacities and competitiveness of the incubator
– boosting the competitiveness of 100 digital start-ups
– creating a community of 20 creative entrepreneurship support structures
– helping to finance 100 innovative creative start-ups

Focus on ADEC
The Agence de Développement des Entreprises Culturelles has a vision of culture as a driver for socio-economic development in developing countries. Equipped with state-of-the-art human and technological resources, it excels in cultural engineering, the promotion and development of creative innovation and entrepreneurship.