Since 2009, the project by the Windepkpe association has centred around preserving Benin’s textile and clothing heritage. The ultimate goal is to showcase Benin’s artistic potential, preserve its heritage, share its expertise and make its culture a real driver for economic and social development.

To showcase this rich textile heritage, the association organises the “Koubourou Fashion Days”, an event that highlights Beninese woven pagnes or wrappers, which are emblematic of the country’s textile traditions.

This Conservatory is a cultural industry in its own right and meets a dual objective: to help the people of Benin reclaim ownership of their textile and clothing heritage through the Museum of Textile Art and encourage reproduction and sales through the craft space, to ensure that these cultural treasures are never forgotten.

The Fondation Zinsou aims to provide solutions for the lack of artistic practice and overcome a lack of awareness of contemporary art. This work meets a dual objective: to support artists and help the public to become accustomed to visiting exhibitions and museums. Among its various achievements, in 2013 the association founded the first contemporary art museum in tropical Africa, and also works on producing and holding exhibitions, organising artist residencies, as well as a host of other initiatives.

Convinced that everything begins at a very young age, the foundation aims to help children become familiar with artworks and try out different artistic activities, with a view to contributing to their cultural awareness as well as uncovering future talents. The “Petits Pinceaux” (“Little Paintbrushes”) workshop is the result of this conviction, aimed at children aged 5 to 13, which gives them an introduction to contemporary art through free creative workshops run by cultural educators and artists.

In order to overcome the obstacle of inaccessibility, the foundation has set up the “cultural bus”, a vehicle acquired thanks to support from sponsors, which provides free transport for pupils of over 300 schools.

The Association Sèna Street Art, also known as ASSART, aims to make art accessible to all by promoting street culture. The association brings together young, committed artists in various artistic fields such as graffiti, visual arts, music, dance, photography, video and digital arts.
The Ecolo Street Art Bénin project is part of the EFFET GRAFF international street art festival and aims to raise awareness and educate children about the Sustainable Development Goals through street art.
Taster and teaching workshops will be organised for children from isolated areas in order to raise their awareness of the key themes of sustainable development and climate change.

Théâtre MAYTON PROMO is an association founded in 2000, dedicated to the production, promotion and dissemination of cultural and literary assets. Its aim is to generate cultural entrepreneurship among young people and support professional cultural stakeholders with their training.
The project “Digital'Art, Pratiqu'Art au Bénin” aims to boost artists’ artistic and managerial knowledge and skills in order to offer quality services and reach populations without regular access to such services.
To do this, a theatre and ballet troupe will be established and will perform in 10 villages of the municipality of Zè. 25 artists will also receive social media training in order to promote their productions.


Enregistré sous le numéro 3/026/PDM-C/SG/STCCD du 25 Avril 2013 l’Association des Jeunes pour le Développement de la Culture AJEDEC est une association créée en 2003, officialisée en 2013, par un groupe de jeunes férus des arts et de la culture.
L’Association des Jeunes pour le Développement de la Culture AJEDEC mène une politique de développement culturel en matière de Formation, création, de diffusion, de sensibilisation et d’Organisation d’évènement en spectacles vivants (Théâtre, Conte, Marionnette…).
Les artistes accueillis, défendus par l’AJEDEC, sans distinction d’origine et de culture, représentent la diversité et la richesse du monde artistique.
L’AJEDEC initie, accompagne des dynamiques culturelles en collaboration avec ses nombreux partenaires (institutionnels, associatifs, particuliers).


SUDCREA is a socio-educational and cultural association mainly oriented towards young people and supporting their artistic creation for the emancipation of Beninese culture and more broadly for the promotion of creation on the African continent.

Through the ARTIRIUM 1.2+ project, the SUDCREA association is involved in the transmission of artistic practices (particularly in urban dance and humour) to young people from disadvantaged or difficult backgrounds. This action reinforces the structure of the Artirium platform for which 15 training tutorials on the performing arts and cultural management will be produced and distributed. At the same time, the association is committed to organising an online competition based on humour and contemporary dance of African inspiration, for people under 30.

Le Bus culturel pour l'accès au musée pour tous!

The Fondation Zinsou is a real springboard for the popular distribution and universal recognition of contemporary African art, and also works to ensure that cultural activities are accessible and free of charge. Active for more than 17 years, it has been able to establish solid partnerships with numerous structures and to rise to the forefront of the Beninese cultural scene.

The project proposes to support contemporary artistic creation by promoting free cultural visits. This accessibility approach is already in place in the city of Ouidah where the museum is located. In this project, the aim is to extend the area covered and to reach out to distant audiences with a means of transport that is also already available: the Bus Culturel. The latter will travel up to 50 km around Ouidah to take children to the museum and allow them to participate in educational workshops designed as part of the cultural mediation.

Immersion au bord du lac Nokoué, les artistes chez vous

The Place O Sceno Association, specialised in the performing arts, offers a framework for training in the theatre professions in Benin. It brings together about fifteen Beninese artists with diverse skills: stage designers, actors, puppeteers, designers, costume designers, sound and light directors, administrators, etc.

This project to create a theatre and puppet show on the themes of education for all and the involvement of the population in the rational management of the resources of Lake Nokoué will be broadcast in 30 lakeside locations and on the web. It will help to bring cultural activities to the most remote localities. In order to carry out this initiative and to compensate for the lack of infrastructure, a travelling floating stage will be created.

Wasséxo kplonnou, ou Contons les Objectifs de Développement Durable (ODD)

The Katoulati cultural association contributes to the growth of the creative economy and to human and sustainable development through theatre and storytelling. It is involved in artistic production and supports creations in production to entertain, educate and raise awareness.

The project "Wasséxo kplonnou, or Let's talk about SDO's" will use storytelling, slam and song to promote the objectives of sustainable development. The 10 artists selected for this mission will benefit from masterclasses and workshops to adapt traditional tales or produce new ones on the urgency and best practices of sustainable development. This production will result in a 5-show residency, 140 performances and podcast recordings.