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Performing arts

Project description

More than ever, École des Sables wants to maintain its educational role and offer development opportunities to young dancers from the continent. This centre of excellence offers participants local and international artistic career opportunities. However, in order to allow black dancers to reveal themselves and to blossom outside the stereotypes of the dance world, it is essential that this course be given by teachers and researchers from Africa, its diaspora and the West Indies, in a spirit of sharing, dialogue and reciprocal exchange. Moreover, the collaborations between Pan-African dancers will be the fruit of new creations offered to festivals and a touring circuit in Europe, the United States and the world.

A look at planned productions
– Access to certified training for 30 dancers from Africa and the diaspora
– creating and nurturing different work opportunities through original choreographic writing rooted in black identity
– establishing communication tools

Focus on JANT-BI- École des Sables
Founded by Germaine Acogny and Helmut Vogt in 1998, Jant-Bi – École des Sables, the International Centre for Traditional and Contemporary African Dance, aims to provide professional training for African dancers and to develop and promote contemporary African dance. It has already trained over 700 dancers from 27 African countries.