Fund type



Craft sector

Project description

The Arts Bridge project aims to preserve, professionalise and promote the work of weavers in the North-West of Ghana, a region where the local economy depends heavily on this craft. By seeking to collect and transmit this know-how, pool tools and design new patterns, The Arts Bridge hopes to professionalise the art of weaving and thereby protect the livelihoods of communities. A dedicated digital platform will present a database of contemporary craftsmen and artists, offer teaching modules and an online shop. These digital drivers will contribute to raising this Ghanaian craft tradition to the level of a world-renowned art.

Overview of expected productions

– registration of 3 weaving collectives with the World Crafts Council each year
– organisation of an annual weaving festival
– training of 5 master weavers (with more than 5 apprentices and more than 5 years experience). They will in turn train 50 weavers per year for two years
– hosting 5 contemporary artists in residence

Focus on Nubuke Foundation

Based in Accra since 2006, this NGO’s mission is to promote, record and preserve the visual arts and culture of Ghana. Over the past 15 years, the Nubuke Foundation has propelled the careers of 150 contemporary artists. Based in Wa (North West Ghana) since 2010, it works to develop and enhance the tradition of tape weaving.