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Project description

While the Gambian economy is largely dependent on tourism, the “Yobaal” (“gift” in Wolof) project aims to contribute to the development of the creative market through its e-commerce platform. ACE Communications Executive plans to exhibit up to 100 companies in the creative industry selected according to the interests and habits of international consumers. This matchmaking between local creative industry professionals and prospects allows artisans to promote and sell their products beyond the tourist season. In order to support creativity within the creative industries in the Gambia, “Yobaal” plans to give priority to businesses run by young entrepreneurs and designers.

Overview of expected productions

– provide global visibility for Gambian artisans
– générer des revenus durables grâce aux ventes e-commerce
– contribute to the increase in quality of products and services manufactured in the Gambia while guaranteeing customer satisfaction

Focus on ACE Communications Executive

ACE Communications Executive, a strategic communications and public relations company, has established the first Cultural Centre for the burgeoning creative industry in the Gambia. With a wide range of consultants, since 2009 it has established itself as an expert in visibility for companies, NGOs and state institutes.